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When do you prefer to holiday? Blue White Red Purple
When the resorts are not packed
If you love the Monsoon season
During the work week
During Non-Peak Season
During School / College Vacations
On National Holidays
During Festivals
Any time of the year
On Special Days i.e. New Year’s Eve
Package Price Rs : 5.75 Lakh Rs : 7.50 Lakh Rs : 9.25 Lakh Rs : 12.75 Lakh

Blue -: The Blue season is for those who wish to avoid the peak season crowd and choose a more relaxed, leisurely holiday during non-peak periods and off-seasons at holiday destinations.

White -: The White season is for those who wish to holiday with us when our resorts are less crowded, during the non-peak seasons. In other words, this season allows you to enjoy your holidays anytime, except during festivals, national holidays and school/college vacations.

Red : -The Red season allows you to enjoy your holidays anytime of the year, except during super peak periods – for example a New Year’s Eve in Goa.

Purple : - The Purple season gives you the privilege of holidaying, any time of the year, during peak as well as non-peak seasons.